About LICA

Mission Statement

The Lake Independence Citizens Association, through education, advocacy and community involvement, is dedicated to the protection of Lake Independence’s water quality, natural beauty, fish and wildlife habitat, and to encourage the lake’s responsible use and enjoyment by all. 


How does LICA communicate this mission?

  • Most of our functions are intended to facilitate communications between LICA members and the various government and organization stakeholders, and to make the general public aware of lake-related issues.

  • We keep LICA members informed via emails, our website, our annual newsletter, our Facebook page and our Annual Members Meeting.


  • We are a central resource for information about projects undertaken by Medina and Independence public works departments, Three Rivers Parks, Hennepin County, the MN Dept of Natural Resources and other stakeholders.

2018 Accomplishments
  • Worked with Hennepin County to implement the AIS Early Detector project, including training volunteer monitors.​


  • Initiated project to develop a Lake Vegetation Management Plan, starting with a survey of lakeshore owners. 


  • Organized volunteers and, when necessary, hired contractors to remove Pioneer Creek channel blockages.

  • Mike McLaughlin and Pat Wulff represented LICA on the Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Management Commission.

  • ·Had representatives handing out LICA information at the City of Medina's Celebration Days event.

  • Organized the annual Fourth of July boat flotilla.

2019 Goals
  • Initiate and support projects that work towards prevention and control of the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS)

  • Maintain a comprehensive AIS monitoring program

  • Support implementation of the TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) report


  • Monitor quality of lake water and incoming sources


  • Stabilize lakeshore to prevent erosion


  • Aid in installation of rain gardens to prevent runoff


  • Promote responsible agricultural and manure management


  • Connect with government representatives and encourage them to support our efforts

History of Lake Independence

“On July 4, 1854, James and Frank Maxwell, Asa Kelly and Kelsey Hinman, settlers near Maxwell Bay, set out on an exploring tour. They soon came across an Indian trail which they followed in a northwesterly direction. Shortly they ran across an Indian canoe on the dry land. This could only mean that water was nearby. Very soon the trail led them to a large silvery sheet of water which they named Lake Independence in honor of the day on which they had discovered it. On the shore of the lake they found an abandoned Winnebago hut. On the south shore, where the land was marshy, was the outlet of the lake. Here was a stream which they named Pioneer Creek. At one point they found rapids, which later became a source of water power.”


Excerpt from “History, 1868-1968, Maple Plain and Independence”, written by members of the Maple Plain Garden Club and published in 1968. The contents can now be found on the City of Maple Plain’s website,, under History.

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LICA meets at 7pm on the second Wednesday of every month at the Independence City Hall and concerned citizens are always welcome!

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