2021 Fishing Tournament comes to an end

Our third annual Fishing Tournament opened on May 15th, the day of the fishing opener, and ran through ice fishing season ending in February, 2022. The new season will kick off on May 14th.

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2022 Calendar of Events

Party on the Ice

Saturday February 19

Ice Clean-up Day

Sunday, March 13

Annual Members Meeting

Saturday, April 16

Fishing Club Travel Trophy Kickoff

Saturday, May 14

AIS Monitoring

June date TBD

4th of July Flotilla

Sunday, July 4 1:00 P.M.

AIS Monitoring

August date TBD

Octoberfest in September Picnic

Saturday, September 24th

Fishing Club Travel Trophy Results

April 2023

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LICA Annual Meeting Recap

LICA held its 2022 Annual Meeting at Camp Ihduhapi on Saturday, April 16th. Dan Kellander, Property Manager at Ihduhapi, and LICA board member, was a wonderful host. He provided regular and decaf coffee, three flavors of ice cream, and M& M ice cream sandwiches. Tom Blanck also provided delicious hot chocolate.


LICA general business was conducted and among other things, a motion was passed to amend LICA Bylaws to read that board members served for two years not three years. LICA member Bob Franklin conducted the board member elections. Three board members were re-elected for another term, Dan Kellander, Angie McLaughlin, and Randy Cole. Three board members stepped down from the board, on behalf of all LICA members Bob thanked Craig Olson, Mike Garwood and Mac Smith for their service. New candidates Carol Herdegen and Dale Ortip were elected to fill two of the three positions open.


Speaker Brian Vlach, Three Rivers Park District (3R), Senior Manager Water Resources, gave a wonderful overview of his work that included updating the Independence Total Maximum Daily Load report (TMDL), aquatic plant surveys and management, and zebra mussel update. There was great interest and after his presentation  and he answered many questions. When asked if members who were using zebra monitoring plates should continue to use them, Brian said yes. He suspects that the zebra mussel population could crash as it did in other lakes, and it would be good to know if it correlates with water chemistry changes. Pioneer Sara Creek Watershed Commission (PSCWC) pays 3R to do bi-weekly testing of five lakes including Independence, Ardmore, Halfmoon, and Spurzem.


There were questions about the scheduling of an Independence alum treatment.  Brian went on to talk about the other lakes that were treated. Lake Rebecca was treated before its watershed erosion and runoff problems were addressed. It now needs another bump treatment. The price of alum has gone up its now. The Minnesota DNR funded the Rebecca treatment, because they used it as a Muskie nursery. It would cost approximately $1.6 million to treat Independence and require funding from several sources including, PSCWC, 3R, Cities of Medina and Independence, and possibly a Clean Water Partnership Grant. To qualify for a permit and to get grant funding there would need to be strong evidence that the treatment would last 20 years. The 2007 TMDL called for reduction of 1,080 LB of Phosphorous. It only had 70% loading coming from the watershed and only 30% from the lake internal. There were no core samples taken then to know what the internal loading was. Since then, core samples were taken, and lab analysis is pointing to a greater load from the lake bottom. Many phosphorus and sediment reducing projects, like the Baker Ravine Project, have also been completed since the original TMDL was done. The TMDL refresh and lake management plan is being worked on this year and scheduled to be completed in 2023. 


Regarding invasive plants, Brian talked about the point intercept plant surveys 3R does in the spring and fall. Last year they found that Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) was 34% and Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) was 52% of the plant community. CLP would have to be at 60 to 70% to look at management. With the zebra population increasing, the water will clear and there would be greater plant growth. There were many questions and concerns about how to get a whole lake treatment plan. Brian said we would need to work together with 3R, DNR, and will need to get the names of everyone on the lake that treats and apply for a permit. 


At the end of the meeting an informal fishing talk took place and anglers shared tips and techniques for fishing Lake Independence.