November Update
Zebra Mussel Survey Results

Good news about zebra mussels. Our volunteer zebra mussels monitors pulled up their sampling plates and only one of the eight monitors found one of the critters. In September, staff from Three Rivers Parks surveyed the shore of Lake Independence for zebra mussels. They only found four total. Last June LICA’s AIS Survey Team found two zebra mussels on coontail plants. So we continue to see only a handful of the invaders.


The map shows the locations of the discoveries: 

  • Orange squares indicate where the Three Rivers team searched. The red squares indicate where zebra mussels were found. 

  • Green circles indicate where the volunteer monitors put sample plates on their docks for the summer. When the sample plates were retrieved, only one location, shown in red, found a zebra mussel. 

  • Yellow triangle shows the location where the AIS Survey Team found two zebra mussels. 

If you live near a storm drain...

Storm drains empty directly into Lake Independence or Lake Ardmore. Leaves, grass clippings and other organic materials affect water quality. If you can collect debris before it washes down the storm drain, the lakes will appreciate your efforts.

History of Independence Beach

Welcome to Lake Independence

Lake Independence is a beautiful recreational lake in Western Hennepin County, Minnesota. The lake is 844 acres in size and about 58 feet at its deepest. 

Adorning its shores are 104 residential properties, Three Rivers Parks Baker Park Reserve, Vinland Center, and YMCA Camp Iduhapi. The lake has 5.8 miles of shoreline and two islands on the northwest side of the lake. 

First annual fishing tournament

2019 is the inaugural year for LICA’s fishing tournament.  LICA members have been having fun competing for one of three traveling trophies, for the longest bass, walleye, or esox (northern pike or muskie). Competition is open through the entire fishing season, from the fishing opener in May thru February.

Mac Smith is ahead in the esox category, with an 52 inch muskie. Perry Good is the current bass trophy holder, for a 21.5 inch large mouth bass. Surprisingly, a qualifying walleye has not been submitted (16” minimum). With the ice fishing season fast approaching, we’re expecting some big walleyes!


All LICA members are eligible to submit entries. For more information, contact this year’s fishing commissioner: Tom Blanck (

Slow No Wake trigger level being evaluated

In response to the valuable input we received from our LICA Members Survey, LICA Board Members are consulting with the DNR and other stakeholders, including the Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Commission and Three Rivers Parks, to develop a process for re-evaluating the Slow No Wake trigger level, which was set in 2003 when lake conditions were very different.


The question is how much the level should be raised, to balance the potential increase in shoreline erosion and the resulting phosphorus run-off, versus the projected number of open water days for boating. We are currently discussing possible methodologies for coming up with a recommendation for the new level. 


After all of the stakeholders have agreed on the revision, our recommendation will be forwarded to the Cities of Independence and Medina to begin the process of changing the Cities’ ordinances. Our goal is to have the new level implemented by the start of the 2020 boating season.


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LICA meets at 7pm on the second Wednesday of every month at the Independence City Hall and concerned citizens are always welcome!

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