January Update
Carp barrier will prevent carp from spawning in Lake Ardmore

Photos courtesy of Brian Vlach, Three Rivers Parks

After staff from Three Rivers Park District spent two years monitoring carp movement between Lake Independence, Lake Ardmore, Spurzem Creek and Pioneer Creek, they concluded that Lake Ardmore was a primary nursery area for carp. In the spring, a large number of carp were swimming up Ardmore Creek from Lake Independence to spawn in Lake Ardmore. It was decided to install a carp barrier in the Ardmore channel to prevent carp movement between Lake Independence and Lake Ardmore. The barrier is a removable fish grate in the open channel downstream of Lake Ardmore outlet culvert on Ardmore Ave. 

Construction of the barrier was completed in November. The $58,000 cost was shared among the Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Management Commission, the City of Medina, Hennepin County, the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources, and Three Rivers Park District.

History of Independence Beach

Welcome to Lake Independence

Lake Independence is a beautiful recreational lake in Western Hennepin County, Minnesota. The lake is 844 acres in size and about 58 feet at its deepest. 

Adorning its shores are 104 residential properties, Three Rivers Parks Baker Park Reserve, Vinland Center, and YMCA Camp Iduhapi. The lake has 5.8 miles of shoreline and two islands on the northwest side of the lake. 

Water Level Chart Here
Tips for Winter
Stay safe, but go easy on the salt!
  • Shovel or snow-throw first! It’s a lot easier to remove fluffy snow before it get packed down.

  • An ice chisel and ice scraper make ice removal easier.

  • Don’t put down de-icer until you’ve removed as much of the snow and ice as possible.

  • Rock salt is ineffective below 15 degrees F.

  • Calcium chloride de-icer cost more but it can be spread very thinly, and it works down to minus 25 degrees F.

  • A 12 oz coffee cup of salt is sufficient to de-ice a 20 foot driveway.

  • When the pavement is dry, excess salt and sand can be swept up and put into the trash or saved in a bucket for re-use.

2021 Calendar of Events

Due to uncertainty caused by Covid, all events are tentatively scheduled. More information will be provided closer to the dates.


Winter Party on Ice

Saturday, February 20

(time and location to be announced)


Annual Meeting & Ice Cream Social

& Fishing Seminar

Saturday, April 10

(time and location to be announced)


AIS Monitoring
June date TBD

4th of July Flotilla

Sunday, July 4

1:00 pm

Assemble north of Baker Park Boat Launch

AIS Monitoring

August date TBD


Octoberfest Picnic

Saturday, October 9

Baker Park Pavilion

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