Lake Studies

St Anthony Falls Laboratory selected Lake Independence for Boat Wake and Wash Study 

     The University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory is a fluid mechanics research lab operated by the College of Science and Engineering. Engineers and scientists from the lab are conducting a research project focusing on characterizing and measuring the waves and prop wash produced by large recreational watercraft, and the impacts they have on lake bottoms and shorelines. The result will be scientific data to help state and local authorities make decisions about lake restrictions such as No Wake trigger points and safe distance from shore rules.

     After surveying various recreational lakes in the Twin Cities, the team has selected the east shore of Lake Independence as the site for the study. The bottom sediment and bottom slope fit the criteria for the study. The field work for the study will be conducted in September and October. They will be installing sensor  masts capable of measuring wave heights and wave energy and a sensor platform on the bottom of the lake to measure penetration depth and turbulent energy from propeller wash. The sensor masts will be visible above the water. 

     So watch for unusual activity on the lake this month and next, as the team of engineers and scientists conduct their experiments.

Several studies have been done about Lake Independence water quality.

Lake Sarah-Independence Analysis.png
Ardmore Sub-Watershed.png