LICA Projects

2020 Project Objectives

  • LICA volunteers Pat and Dick Wulff will continue to monitor and record the MN DNR lake level gage readings daily. Readings will be reported to MN DNR and posted on website weekly or when a large rain event occurs.

  • LICA volunteers Kim and Jim Klancke will continue to participate in the MPCA Citizens Lake Monitoring Program, and report the ice on and off dates. 

  • LICA will clear Pioneer Creek as needed to maintain open channel outflow.

  • Develop a Lake Vegetation Management Plan.

  • Participate in the Hennepin County AIS Early Detectors Program

  • Ongoing communication with all Lake stakeholders, including Three Rivers Parks, the DNR, the Lake Sarah-Pioneer Creek Management Commission, the Lake Ardmore Residents Association,  Hennepin County and the cities of Medina and Independence.

  • Organize and participate in annual events, including the Winter Party on Ice, Annual Meeting, Fishing Seminar, 4th of July Flotilla, and Medina Celebration Day.

  • Continue efforts to recruit new members

  • Continue expanding our website and adding fresh content.

Baker Ravine Project Update

The ravine that runs through Baker Campground into Lake Independence is severely eroded and was identified as a major source of contaminants, including an estimated 277 lbs. of phosphorus and 300 tons of sediment annually. 


A plan was developed for stabilizing the ravine with rounded field stone and angular rip-rap. Installation work has begun. The  photo above shows the new rip-rap at the end of the ravine, adjacent to the lake.

Funding was provided by grants from the Clean Water Legacy Fund and Hennepin County, along with contributions from the Pioneer-Sarah Creek Watershed Commission, Three Rivers Parks, the cities of Medina and Independence, and LICA. 


This project is an excellent example of multiple stakeholder groups working together to achieve a common goal: To improve the water quality of Lake Independence. 

Interested in knowing more about this project? Here's a great article from the Board of Soil and Water Resource newsletter.

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