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Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) 

Research and Management Showcase 2022

MAISRC held their annual AIS Research and Management Showcase on Wednesday, September 21st. Several LICA members attended the showcase and participated in many presentations by industry leaders in AIS research and management. The Showcase was held online again this year and was very well run. Three Web Rooms ran concurrent presentations and it was easy to navigate and participate in the sessions. For the first time since COVID, they did welcome back attendees to the lab tour portion of the showcase and offered first-hand viewing of projects in action in their many labs. 


The presenters were experts in their fields and reported on various projects being conducted to help reduce the spread of AIS in our waterways. From refining copper-based treatments to suppress zebra mussel populations to how climate change effects starry stonewort invasions, there is a ton of good information in these presentations. 


Visit the link below to access the video presentations.

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