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Status of the Fishery on
Lake Independence

from DNR LakeFinder website

Good numbers of Walleye were caught in the 2022 survey, and the fish were of healthy size. The average Walleye was 18.5 inches and 2.60 pounds, with the largest measuring 28.5 inches. Seventy-three percent of the sample were 15 inches or longer, 33% were 20 inches or longer, and 12% were 25 inches or longer. Regular stocking supports this population.

Sampling for Muskellunge was not scheduled in 2022; however, one 40.9 inch fish was incidentally caught in the summer survey. When the lake was last surveyed for Muskies in 2016, fish ranged between 36.6 and 51.6 inches, with an average size of 44.4 inches and 23.96 pounds.

While only 4% of the Yellow Perch catch exceeded 9 inches, their abundance marks the presence of a healthy forage base for stocked predator fish. Average length and weight in 2022 were 7.3 inches and 0.19 pounds and 26% of the fish sampled were larger than 8 inches.

Lake Independence doesn't usually have high numbers of Northern Pike, and that was true again in the 2022 summer survey. The fish were of good size, however, 91% of the catch exceeded 21 inches, and 27% of the catch exceeded 28 inches.

Bluegill and Black Crappie were caught in good numbers. Sixteen percent of the sampled crappie exceeded 9 inches, and the largest fish was 11.3 inches. Twenty-six percent of the Bluegill were larger than 6 inches and 10% were larger than 7 inches. The largest Bluegill sampled was 8.3 inches.

Electrofishing for Largemouth Bass was not scheduled in 2022, however seven fish were incidentally sampled by trap net. The fish ranged in length from 4.8 to 6.0 inches. Standard electrofishing was last done in spring 2016. At that time, 172 fish were sampled, ranging in length from 3.4 to 16.1 inches. Average size of bass in 2016 was 8.6 inches and 0.39 pounds.

Other species present in lower abundance during the 2022 survey include Black Bullhead, Brown Bullhead, Bowfin, Common Carp, Green Sunfish, hybrid sunfish, Pumpkinseed, and Yellow Bullhead.


For More Information

West Metro Area Fisheries Supervisor
7050 E Hwy 101, Suite 100 
Shakopee, MN 
Phone: 952-236-5170
West Metro Fisheries Website

Great news for fishing on Lake Independence

No excuses coming soon for those angling for Walleye! Fall of 2022 the DNR reports a total of 22,045 walleye fingerlings were stocked in Lake Independence. Click here to see the full report.

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