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How Ardmore affects Lake Independence

Lake Ardmore feeds directly into Lake Independence. The TDML study of Lake Independence, completed in 2007, estimated that Lake Ardmore was the source of 6% of the external phosphorus loads to Lake Independence. The Pioneer Creek-Lake Sarah Watershed Management Commission, Three Rivers Parks and the City of Medina are actively seeking ways to improve the water quality of Lake Ardmore and therefore reduce the amount of phosphorus entering Lake Independence.  

What Is LARA?

Where is Lake Ardmore?

Lake Ardmore is a small lake located in the Independence Beach neighborhood, between County Road 19 and Ardmore Avenue, south of Maple Street. The lake is approximately 11 acres in size, with depths up to 20 feet. All of the lakeshore is privately owned, except for small outlots owned by the City of Medina. There is no public access.


Lake Ardmore

Lake Independence

The Lake Ardmore Residents Association is composed of Lake Ardmore property owners and others who are interested in protecting and improving water quality in Lake Ardmore.  LARA’s primary purpose is communication: including keeping members informed about LICA activities and projects initiated by the City of Medina, the DNR, Three Rivers, and other stakeholders.

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